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Trilogy Complete!

The title says it all really, but yesterday (14th Feb 2023) Into the Fog, the final part of The Minority Rule trilogy, was published on Amazon. After two and a half years of writing, editing, and wondering how and if I would release my books, I am anxious, but also incredibly excited to let them out into the world.

If you have been waiting to see what Maia does next, your wait is over as the narrative returns to her just hours after the end of book one. Hoping to find clarity in the truth, Maia has just found fog. Can she find a path through it? - there's one way to find out :)

Do leave a review and/or get in touch if you have read my books as I would love to hear what you think (honestly!). I will always be proud of them, but genuine reviews, pointers, or conversation about the world within my books are very much appreciated and enjoyed.

To add to my general excitement, starting in March, I plan on sharing short sci-fi and fantasy stories exclusively with subscribers of my newsletter. If you'd like to be included, do sign up via the 'contact me' page on my website.

More soon,

Alexia x

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