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photo of Alexia Muelle-Rushbrook

Alexia Muelle-Rushbrook was born and raised as a farmer's daughter in rural Suffolk, UK. Having spent her life as a stockperson, horse stud hand, and now dog breeder, she has always had a passion for the natural world and an interest in genetics.

For many years Alexia thought of writing a novel and was encouraged to do so by her husband, but time and self-doubt got in the way. Finally, aged 37, having been inspired by the foibles, cheek, and charm of her terriers, she began writing poetry championing them. Although Alexia’s novels are unconnected to her poetry collection, receiving positive feedback for it gave her the push she needed to stop saying, 'I can't', resulting in the completion of her debut dystopian novel, The Minority Rule. 

A self-confessed geek, she enjoys a variety of genres, but has always been drawn towards sci-fi and fantasy, so it is probably not surprising that these are the genres that she now writes in. Having found the courage to put pen to paper, Alexia now has no plans to stop - the voices in her head simply won't let her!

The Minority Rule is a dystopian sci-fi trilogy in which Alexia wanted to tell a story that can transport the reader to another time and place, but still potentially be relevant to people today – both challenging and championing humanity’s relationship with Earth, nature, and one another.

The Minority Rule was originally intended to be an individual work, but a third of the way through the first draft Alexia found the story in her mind running beyond her initial end point – literally and metaphorically as Beyond The Fence and Into The Fog came into being.

In October 2023, Alexia hopes to release her fourth novel - this time a contemporary urban fantasy. Stay tuned!

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