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Currently available:

The first chapter of YOU, a psychological dark coming of age novella coming in 2024.


NOWHERE HALL, a sci-fi fantasy short story, which is available to read in two parts.

The first two chapters of new paranormal mystery, THEY CALL ME ANGEL.

Please remember that these stories are copyrighted and are not to be shared or reproduced in any format without the author's written permission.

Black Background

Plagued by her family and school bullies, Cassie Reilly's only place of solace was the garden shed. Hiding away from the world, she could pretend all was well until her stepfather's violence spilled out of the house and threatened to destroy everything she held dear.

Unwilling to remain in the shadows and watch an innocent girl beaten, the silent occupant at the bottom of the garden arose. In that moment, Cassie had two choices: be afraid of the unknown or befriend them.

With friendships scarce, she gladly accepted what was offered, little realising how that choice would save her during some truly dark times...

Untitled design (2).png


When a woman is murdered by her husband, the seaside town of Adtoft unwittingly gains an angel. Invisible to all, she becomes a serial observer, but could Angel be in the perfect position to see more than the turning tide?

Image by Paolo Santilli


Hours before oblivion, Ash goes treasure hunting in the haunted grounds of Nowhere Hall. With nothing left to lose, is there something of value still to find?

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