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Dystopian Trilogy:

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The Minority Rule book cover




Graded by fertility

Raised to revere family

Choice is a luxury you will have to forsake



Years of greed and war devastated most of Earth. Now largely infertile, the remnants of the world have been united under one strict, unwavering power focused on Earth’s guardianship as well as humanity’s prosperity.

Maia believes in the established order, yet as a budding young scientist, she also wants more than the decreed roles of housewife to a stranger, egg donor, and mother. As family and state force Maia into submission, she resigns herself to a life of compliance until she unexpectedly meets two vastly different women. Discovering they both hold secrets, Maia questions if she can keep silent, even if revealing the truth threatens to irrevocably challenge the foundations of her existence.

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