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Then there were five...

If someone had told me four years ago that I would be announcing the publication of my fifth novel, I would have laughed—a lot.

2020 was a year of revelations for me (and I am not talking about the dreaded covid19 arrival). It was the year I stopped saying, 'I can't write a book,' and actually tried. The voice that nagged me became Maia, and The Minority Rule was born. Lily soon followed in Beyond the Fence, and they joined forces in Into the Fog. In November 2022, I published my debut. By February 2023, the trilogy was released.

A dystopian trilogy for a life long sci-fi fantasy fan.

I knew next to nothing about publishing. I researched. A lot. I still made mistakes. But I learnt, and I am still learning. Each manuscript, I think, I hope, I get a little better—she says writing on a day when imposter syndrome isn't telling her that she jumps genres too much and has to relearn and adapt all over again.

But that keeps me going. It keeps up the challenge—and satisfies the growing number of voices, narratives, and worlds that keep popping into my head.

New Year 2023, I finished the first draft of They Call Me Angel. This story is very different to my debut—a new genre, a new voice, a new message, but very much a woman on a mission to find herself and help others, so in that respect, there are similarities. Angel's story has real heart, even though it's laced in tragedy.

This angel will find purpose.

Having my book recorded and made into an audiobook was another 'pinch me' moment. I will be eternally grateful to Amelia Hugh for literally being the voice of an angel—a pun I will not tire of using!

And now, in March 2024, I release YOU. A shorter, edgier, darker tale than those who I have told before, but Cassie Reilly's story just had to be told. Her relationship with You , an unseen, but ever present being, gets her through more trauma than anyone should ever deal with. How does she come out the other side?

Now is your chance to find out!

Happy reading—here's to book six.

Yes, I am working on it.

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