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As sleigh bells ring, you could be listening to a free audiobook...

If you like audiobooks, or would like to try an audiobook, this is the post for you because I have FREE promo codes for my paranormal mystery, They Call Me Angel, and I would love to give them away.

Hearing the audio for my book was a real 'pinch me' moment, and I cannot thank the wonderful Amelia Hugh enough for literally being the voice of an angel. Now I just need other people to hear Angel's story!

So, if you are interested in the tale of a woman trapped in a ghostly state watching the living—whilst trying to avoid those she hates, reminders of her past, and the soulmate she found too late—then They Call Me Angel could be the book for you.

To listen, you can head straight to Audible, but if you want a freebie, simply send me an email telling me whether you need a UK or US code and (subject to availability), and I will gladly share.

Happy reading - and merry Christmas!

Alexia x

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