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Publication Day!

Although this is the fourth time I have published a novel I am no less excited about it. Unlike like The Minority Rule trilogy, They Call Me Angel is a standalone novel—and a paranormal mystery, not a dystopian sci-fi. If you have read my trilogy you'll know my books are slow burners told in present tense by the main character. They Call Me Angel continues this pattern. You, the reader, discover and unravel the plot as she does.

After being subjected to a life of physical and mental abuse, a woman is murdered by her husband. Propelled into an existence between life and death, she is forced into a lonely role of observer without any hope of change. However. when a boy falls from the Ferris wheel and briefly sees her, Angel's desire for purpose is reignited, and finally 'the glitch' begins to reveal it has plans for her after all...

This is a story of discovery and understanding, examining loss and heartache, whilst appreciating life, love, the complexity of humanity, and most importantly, championing self-worth.

I really hope you'll join Angel on her journey. The little seaside town of Adtoft is waiting to be saved...

Available on Amazon, They Call Me Angel can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, or eBook format. It is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so can be read for free as part of your subscription.

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