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Happy Birthday

Perhaps I should be philosophical about turning 40 tomorrow - maybe by merely questioning it I am - but as the second book in my dystopian sci-fi trilogy came out today and I received the cover for the third from my designer, I must say I am feeling pretty excited about this year!

Sure, I have no idea how many will read my books, just like I do not know if people will like them, but I can only hope some do. I love them. I hope that doesn't sound arrogant, I really don't mean it to, but I am proud of the three stories that I have committed to paper (digital and actual). The characters within have become real to me. I can see their world and the message at the base of their stories is as true then as it is now.

Our planet - nature - is not something to be disregarded anymore than any individual is. We have the right to be heard and our little corner is as important as anyone else's. No person belongs in a box and no creature is beyond our guardianship. Maybe that sounds a little heavy for an awkward, anxious 40 year old from Suffolk, but if I can dream of a world when life's balance is questioned before the eleventh hour passes, I hope we all can.

That said, Beyond the Fence is not the shiny salvation I have just suggested it is. It is the dark side of The Minority Rule - it is the 'or else' that Maia's society is threatened with and now Lily is about to have it fully explained. Love didn't save her day and now she is exiled, living under the constant guard of giant androids with dozens of young women who, like her, must accept their fate if they ever want to step beyond the fence...

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