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Work in Progress

It is a truly wonderful feeling to finish a manuscript. Each time I have reached 'the end'—even though I don't literally write those two words—I have honestly felt emotional. Just thinking about reading that final paragraph to myself produces a lump in my throat. To date, at the start of a novel I always have that last sentence in mind. Keeping my eye on that prize is what pushes me forward, especially on days when I wonder if the story is flagging or imposter syndrome threatens to take over.

I doubt a single author, past or present, hasn't had to deal with imposter syndrome at some point—or more realistically, on every project they have undertaken. It is real and frustrating; however, for now at least, I have pushed that aside as I bask under the satisfaction of completing my fourth manuscript (and my first paranormal fantasy).

It still needs editing, beta reading, editing again, etc, so it will be much later in the year before I declare it ready for the world, but I wanted to share my excitement now! I hope it, along with The Minority Rule books, find people who love reading them as much as I love writing them.

So, as voices and stories continue to rattle and develop in my head, self-doubt or not, I will endeavour to keep writing write them down until I reach 'the end'.

More soon,

Alexia x

PS. The concluding part to The Minority Rule trilogy, Into the Fog, comes out in February, so if you are waiting to see how Maia and Lily fare, you haven't long to wait!

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