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What's in a name...

You, dear readers, are amazing.

It is very early days, but having been published for just one month, I have had some truly heart-warming feedback and I cannot thank you enough.

At times I wondered if I would ever be published—doubting whether it or I was ready, or if anyone would care—so to have sales and downloads is truly heart-warming.

I hate repeating my appeal for reviews and shares, but on whatever social media (or indeed physical) platform that you use, if you don’t mind sharing and/or reviewing, I would be both humbly and eternally grateful. Every interaction my book receives pushes it further up the algorithm, meaning it has a better chance of reaching other readers.

To anyone reading this who is interested in reading my novel, you have several options! The Minority Rule is now enlisted on Kindle Unlimited so, if you are a subscriber, you can read it for free! Otherwise, you can order a copy from regular Amazon in eBook or paperback—or choose another online bookstore such as Barnes and Noble to order a paperback if the that is your preference. It is literally available worldwide! I am also on Goodreads if you want to look me up there 😊

What’s your genre?

I often get asked what genre I write in and, honestly, I sometimes still waffle when I reply. That isn’t because I do not know, I do, I just don’t always know the quickest, most concise answer. So, I thought I would take a moment to waffle on record!

Science fiction is the shortest answer. The story is fictional and contains some futuristic science—some speculative fiction, which swiftly brings me to the second answer I regularly give. Speculative fiction has been given varying definitions over the years, but despite its relatively long standing, many are still not widely aware this genre exists (either as a separation of science fiction or in its own right). I like the term because it more or less describes what is in the tin. I have written a future for our world that could happen—not, I hasten to add, what I want to happen.

So, why not just say speculative fiction? I would, but a lot of other works labelled as speculative fiction take place in another world entirely and this is where confusion can creep in. For this reason, I like to have other—perfectly valid—descriptions on standby.

As I said, The Minority Rule is set in a plausible future for our current world, however, it is also post-apocalyptic—which is another subgenre!—but the world is not in the immediate aftermath like ‘World War-Z’ for example. The world has been reordered in a wannabe utopia, with dystopia surrounding it—and there’s two more genres!, both of which come under speculative fiction and explore social and political structures. If I am ticking boxes, check me off!

A growing genre is eco fiction or cli-fi – science fiction with a climate or ecological message. Yep, you guessed it, I tick those boxes, too.

Finally, throw in a dysfunctional, yet power hungry family, a heartbroken, woefully misunderstood and disregarded daughter who longs for change, and you have Maia—a young woman looking to make a difference in a new world without a clue how to make her voice heard without falling foul of the rules.

My conclusion? I really hope there is a little bit for everyone—or at least most people. I don’t do heavy spice or gore, but there’s love, heartbreak, and finding inner strength from Maia and her supporting cast (both young and old). Whether Maia defeats the odds…well, you know what I’m going to say: Read the book and find out for yourself 😊

Alexia x

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