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Exciting times

It has been a long time, probably too long, since I wrote a blog post. However, as October is set to be an exciting month for me, I thought I should write a little about it!

In twelve days time, my fourth novel is going to be published. Even now that feels weird to write, but I am so looking forward to sharing my next story with the world.

They Call Me Angel is very different from my debut trilogy. My style remains the same—slow burn, first person lead—but The Minority Rule is dystopian sci-fi while They Call Me Angel is a contemporary paranormal fantasy.

Set in a small seaside town, a woman tells how she was murdered by her abusive husband and now watches the living without being able to communicate with them—or pass onto the afterlife properly. The story is a mixture of self-discovery and healing as well as a note on humanity as a whole. Dealing with abuse, loss, and love, the book covers a range of topics. Checking the trigger warnings is advisable, yet I really hope to spread light and love with this novel, even when the subject sometimes gets a little dark.

They Call Me Angel is up for pre orders from 1st October and available to read in paperback, hardback, and eBook from the 12th—eek!!

A huge thank you goes to all who have read my books to date—including beta and ARC readers—each and everyone of you are amazing.

There is a little more excitement I want to share, but I'll save that until later... ;)

Happy reading :)

Alexia x

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